Monday, August 14, 2006

Room Description Generator

It's a expansive room, but quite adequately lit. The walls are painted in a soft amber, broken up by sheer, springtime green curtains on the windows.

It's a simple room, with walls painted in hospitalish green-beige and a floor that's an intricate design of ceramic tiles. It is badly lit, though rather expansive.

The window curtains, drapelike and springtime green, blow in the abrupt wind. The floor is nothing but packed dirt, the walls are an ornate pattern of bricks.

There are drapelike curtains decorating the open windows in this colossal room. A burnt odor that hits you like a wall is stirred by the chilly wind from the windows.

This closetlike room is adequately lit. The walls are springtime green. Soft perfume wafts through the air. The floor is a dizzying pattern of tiling.

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ibu said...

ow its like a poem but I like it,