Monday, April 17, 2006

Nickname Generator

Ultimate Nickname Generator - give you a cool nickname

Who is the nickname for? R: me
First name of the person R: Online
Last name of the person R: Generator
What sort of nickname do you want? R: nice

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Anonymous said...

i need a cool nickname.. im a dirtbiker and i want something cool 

Posted by chris landaker

Anonymous said...

hey my name is ethan i am jewish i want a really funny nickname i am 15 yeard old too 

Posted by Ethan putterman

billy said...

Hey my names Cassie and i want a nickname for me and my bestie Sarah we want a silly one as were silly loud and out there kinda gals

Alyssa said...

My nam i alyssa and i'm 8 and my best freind savanna and i want a cool,sporty nickname

Niels said...

Here's another pretty cool nickname generator.

This nickname generator is very easy to use. No need for a lot of typing. It make cool nicknames with a single click.